Hardy Boys Clue Book #6 A Skateboard Cat-Astrophe Details and Cover Art

Here are the details on the 6th book of the Hardy Boys Clue Book series ~

Title: A Skateboard Cat-Astrophe
Release Date: 14th Nov 2017
Number of pages: 96
Available Formats: Paperback, Hardcover and eBook









Synopsis from publisher Simon and Schuster:


Detective brothers Frank and Joe must figure out who sabotaged Skeeter the Skateboarding Cat in the sixth book in the interactive Hardy Boys Clue Book series.

Everyone in Bayport is talking about the first annual skateboard contest. The winner gets free mac and cheese balls from The Easy Cheesy food truck for the whole year! Frank and Joe just wish there was someone to beat the school’s biggest bully, and best skateboarder, Diesel Diffendorfer. Then their best friend Chet shows them a video of Skeeter the skateboarding cat…a cat that happens to belong to the new kid in town, Carlos Martinez. Suddenly, a plan is hatched.

Carlos agrees to enter Skeeter, in the contest. Who wouldn’t want free mac and cheese for a year? But just when Skeeter hits his final trick, a mouse runs across his path! Distracted, Skeeter hops off his skateboard and chases after his furry foe. When Frank and Joe run to catch him, they discover the mouse was a toy. Could someone have sabotaged Skeeter’s big day? It’s up to the Hardy Boys—and you—to find out!




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6 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Clue Book #6 A Skateboard Cat-Astrophe Details and Cover Art

  1. Hardy Boys and skateboarding? Cool!
    I love to read about skateboarding! 😀
    Skateboarding is cool. 🙂

    • True – cool! 😀 I enjoyed the Hardy Boys graphic novel Board to Death – it’s got the Hardy bros and skateboarding! 😀

  2. This one looks really cute. I love the new covers. I also want to get some of the ND in this series.

  3. A skateboarding cat named Skeeter who’s going to take on a bully named Diesel Diffendorfer at a skateboarding contest?!?!? Lol, sounds like it could be a fun book. 😎 😛

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